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The following content is historical; EGLIBC is no longer maintained or developed.


EGLIBC is focused on support for embedded systems. Therefore, if your change is of general utility, or is likely to be of more benefit to workstation and server developers than to embedded developers, then you should contribute it to GLIBC, rather than EGLIBC.

If you're not sure whether or not your patch is suitable for EGLIBC, please feel free to ask! Just send the patch, or a description of it, to patches@eglibc.org.

Legal Requirements

Contributions to EGLIBC must be either assigned to the Free Software Foundation or, if assignment is not possible, placed into the public domain. You cannot simply state that you are assigning copyright or placing your work into the public domain; you must complete FSF paperwork certifying this fact. In particular, you must have an assignment to GLIBC (not EGLIBC) on file with the FSF. If you need help with the paperwork process, send email to patches@eglibc.org.

You do not need to represent a member of the EGLIBC Consortium to contribute patches. Contributions are welcome from all.


All patches should be submitted to the patches@eglibc.org mailing list. The EGLIBC maintainers read this mailing list, and will review and approve patches. Please understand that the EGLIBC maintainers have limited time, and that it may therefore take some time before they are able to review your patch.

Every patch must have a ChangeLog entry. However, in order to make it easier to merge future changes from GLIBC, the EGLIBC ChangeLog file is ChangeLog.eglibc.

Once the patch has been approved, it may be checked in, by the submitter, the maintainer who approved the patch, or any other party with write access to the repository.