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Re: [Patches] arm : __lll_timedlock_wait can lose a wakeup signal

Any issues that do not relate to the remaining differences between glibc 
and EGLIBC should go straight to glibc; we are phasing out EGLIBC on the 
timescale described in 
<http://www.eglibc.org/archives/patches/msg01299.html>, and in particular 
not adding any more new local changes.

I think any fix for this in the glibc context would best be done through 
sharing lowlevellock.c, and lowlevellock.h, much more between 
architectures, rather than with an architecture-specific change to an ARM 
file.  See <http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-ports/2013-02/msg00021.html> for 
some discussion of differences between the versions, and 
<http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2013-02/msg00386.html>, and 
Siddhesh's expression of interest in 

Joseph S. Myers
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