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Re: [Patches] Any remaining uses of option groups?

On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, patches-bounces@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I believe there is value in maintaining the option groups. If there are 
> problems with maintaining the implementation in its current form, 
> perhaps we could discuss ways to address those, rather than dropping the 
> functionality entirely?

The fundamental problem is that they are only in EGLIBC and not glibc, 
with all the consequent error-prone merging that implies.  So, the way to 
address that problem is to merge them to glibc (together no doubt with a 
version of Steve Longerbeam's patches merged in), with all the discussion 
of the feature and how to implement it taking place on libc-alpha.  And 
without someone merging them to glibc, they will cease to be available for 
current versions when the separate EGLIBC source tree ceases to be 
maintained.  The planned timescale for phasing out the separate EGLIBC 
source tree and ceasing merges from glibc to EGLIBC trunk is in 

Joseph S. Myers
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