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[Patches] Phasing out the separate EGLIBC source tree

Following up on discussions in another thread, here is the plan I propose 
for phasing out the separate EGLIBC source tree so that all glibc 
development for embedded systems goes directly in the main FSF glibc git 

I propose the goal that 2.19, in about six months' time, is the last 
EGLIBC release branch, so after than point no more merges from FSF glibc 
would be made to EGLIBC trunk.  Merges would continue to be made to EGLIBC 
release branches for as long as the corresponding FSF glibc branches are 
active.  After they cease to be active, the repository, issue tracker and 
website might be made read-only.

As a consequence of making the repository read-only, libdfp development 
would need to move elsewhere - I suggest properly integrating it into 
glibc, so that glibc builds for relevant architectures automatically 
build, test and install the libdfp library and include the relevant header 
support.  Given that fegetenv/fesetenv/feholdexcept/feupdateenv should 
include the decimal rounding mode in the saved/restored environment (and 
draft TS 18661 adds fegetmode/fesetmode to the functions that should 
handle it), I don't think a completely separately built library is an 
entirely satisfactory approach for this functionality anyway.

Regarding the specific differences between glibc and EGLIBC, as listed in 
<http://www.eglibc.org/archives/patches/msg01292.html>, my plans are as 
follows.  If I complete merging the patches I intend to work on merging, 
I'd consider that sufficient to cease merges from FSF glibc after 2.19.  
So distributors to whom any of the other patches may be relevant should be 
(completing their copyright assignments and) working on merging those 
patches to glibc themselves.

1. powerpc 8xx cache line workaround: no plans to merge.

2. Robustness for ldd with non-bash shells: no plans to merge, but have 
asked the submitter of a more general glibc patch to chase up their 
assignment status with the FSF, so hopefully that will get in eventually.

3. Avoid __block identifier: no plans to merge, but Meador Inge has 
expressed an interest.

4. resolv.conf timestamp checks: no plans to merge.

5. Option group support: no plans to merge.

6. e500 port: I plan to rework this for glibc so it follows the ABI of the 
soft-float powerpc port and submit in that form, with the ABI consequences 
previously described (so 2.18 would be the last EGLIBC release branch 
using the old ABI for this port).

7. Making --disable-versioning work: I plan to revert all these changes 
from EGLIBC and remove the --disable-versioning and --enable-oldest-abi 
options completely from glibc, as discussed on libc-alpha.

8. Cross-localedef: I plan to merge the options for localedef to generate 
locales for other systems (*not* anything for standalone build or building 
any form of cross-localedef binary from a glibc build tree).

9. SH __fpscr_values: no plans to merge.

10. bits/predefs.h: I plan to implement an appropriate GCC feature for GCC 
4.9 so that GCC can predefine these macros when the command-line options 
to GCC indicate the appropriate intent (and glibc will then defer to GCC), 
but without any attempt to conditionally not define these macros in some 
cases with older GCC.

11. ColdFire MMAP2_PAGE_SHIFT: once glibc 2.18 has branched I'll commit 
the libc patch and ping the ports one.

12. Linuxthreads manpage change: no plans to merge.

13. Installation of files for mklibs: no plans to merge.

14. Extra test debug/tst-backtrace6: I plan to file a bug in glibc 
Bugzilla explaining the issue and with the testcase attached, then remove 
it from EGLIBC.

I do not plan to copy any issues from the EGLIBC tracker to the glibc one; 
people concerned about particular issues should file corresponding ones in 
the glibc tracker as needed.

Joseph S. Myers
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