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Re: [patches] Cross-building instructions

Jim Blandy wrote:
Khem Raj <kraj@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Its too old for glibc. I updated to 2.60 now it works as expected. So
now I am past that point.

Okay --- that's good to hear.
yes. All went fine. I tried couple of arches using gcc 4.1.2 all went fine. Nice instructions Jim.
For e.g. doing an arm build you need ports add-on. So the instructions
does not specify anything about ports directory where to put it
etc. for ppc ports is not needed so even if ports in not there is will
but may be we could add some words on how to configure ports along
with libc. I saw that the configure already has --enable-add-ons so
creating a symlink inside libc directory to ports would be sufficient

If you're using a target that depends on ports, the ports/README file
already explains how to use it, mentioning the copy-into and
--enable-add-ons approaches.  I'd have to say I think that's probably
the best place for those instructions.
that should be fine.