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Re: [patches] Cross-building instructions

Khem Raj <kraj@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Its too old for glibc. I updated to 2.60 now it works as expected. So
> now I am past that point.

Okay --- that's good to hear.

> For e.g. doing an arm build you need ports add-on. So the instructions
> does not specify anything about ports directory where to put it
> etc. for ppc ports is not needed so even if ports in not there is will
> work.
> but may be we could add some words on how to configure ports along
> with libc. I saw that the configure already has --enable-add-ons so
> creating a symlink inside libc directory to ports would be sufficient

If you're using a target that depends on ports, the ports/README file
already explains how to use it, mentioning the copy-into and
--enable-add-ons approaches.  I'd have to say I think that's probably
the best place for those instructions.