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Re: [patches] Cross-building instructions

Khem Raj <kraj@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I ran through the steps. But I get an error when building
> eglibc-headers


First, Joseph had some comments that lead me to substantially revise
the instructions from the ones you quoted in the message I'm replying
to.  Also, I committed some fixes yesterday.  So, are you using the
latest EGLIBC sources, and the EGLIBC.cross-building file in there?

Second, what were your configure and make install-headers commands,

When I do the 'make install-headers ...', I see
$obj/eglibc-headers/gnu/lib-names.h being created:

gawk -f scripts/lib-names.awk /home/jimb/cross-build/ppc/obj/eglibc-headers/soversions.i > /home/jimb/cross-build/ppc/obj/eglibc-headers/gnu/lib-names.T
/bin/sh scripts/move-if-change /home/jimb/cross-build/ppc/obj/eglibc-headers/gnu/lib-names.T /home/jimb/cross-build/ppc/obj/eglibc-headers/gnu/lib-names.h
touch /home/jimb/cross-build/ppc/obj/eglibc-headers/gnu/lib-names.stmp

Does this step not occur for you?

> Secondly, I think we should also add some words about ports its not
> mentioned that it should be inside 'libc' directory
> because on SVN tree its parallel to libc.

The instructions are supposed to be independent of how or whether you
add ports to your tree.  Is there something in the directions that
assumes that ports is in the tree?