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Re: [patches] Cross-building instructions

"Joseph S. Myers" <joseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Thirdly, just an idea may be we should have weekly/monthly source tarball
>> snapshots until we have a release.
> I don't think there's much need for releases; we intend the release 
> branches such as EGLIBC 2.5 to be stable at all times so that if they 
> build and pass testing they are suitable for use, and I don't think that 
> declaring a particular point on a release branch to be a release would 
> make it more stable than any other randomly selected point on that branch.

This isn't explained anywhere on the site; a visitor might well assume
that there is no currently available stable version.  There should be
a clear path for a visitor who is not current on the latest news, but
who wants something they can work with without too much trouble, to
follow from www.eglibc.org straight to what she should use.

Perhaps the link on www.eglibc.org to "Repository" could be renamed
"Repository/Stable", and our stability aspirations for
branches/eglibc-2_5 should be explained there.