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Re: [patches] Cross-building instructions

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007, Khem Raj wrote:

> Secondly, I think we should also add some words about ports its not mentioned
> that it should be inside 'libc' directory
> because on SVN tree its parallel to libc.

With ports, you are meant to be able to specify any full path to it in 
your --enable-add-ons configure option; a subdirectory "ports" directly 
inside libc is not the only option.

> Thirdly, just an idea may be we should have weekly/monthly source tarball
> snapshots until we have a release.

I don't think there's much need for releases; we intend the release 
branches such as EGLIBC 2.5 to be stable at all times so that if they 
build and pass testing they are suitable for use, and I don't think that 
declaring a particular point on a release branch to be a release would 
make it more stable than any other randomly selected point on that branch.

The symbol versions and so the sequence of release branches are determined 
by FSF glibc.

Joseph S. Myers