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Re: [Patches] Phasing out the separate EGLIBC source tree

On Sat, 20 Jul 2013, Ryan S Arnold wrote:

> Libdfp still lacks integration of the libbid backend (to make libdfp
> work on x86), and I suspect that might be a prereq for glibc
> integration.  Tthe libdecnumber back end can be used (with some work)

I don't see why that should be needed, as long as the library simply 
doesn't build for x86 and doesn't cause build failures, cause 
__STDC_DEC_FP__ to be defined on x86, etc. - I'd expect it to be built by 
default for supported architectures (Power and S/390), given that the 
compiler is recent enough to have DFP support for those architectures, and 
not at all for others - x86 should be considered much like ARM (an 
architecture with no DFP support in GCC) in this regard.  (Ideally, 
defining __STDC_WANT_DEC_FP__ would cause an error on unsupported 

Joseph S. Myers
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