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Re: [Patches] MIPS eglibc build problem

On Fri, 11 May 2012, Steve Ellcey  wrote:

> In the older (2.14) eglibc Makefile, there is this code:
> # A callable macro that expands to a shell command.  Preprocess file $(1)
> # using ABI option $(2) and see which macros it defines.  Print FOO for each
> # macro of the form __NR$(3)_FOO, filtering out ABI-specific __NR macros
> # that have a prefix other than $(3).
> mips_list_syscalls =    $(filter-out -m%,$(CC)) -E -x c $(+includes) \
>                             $(sysincludes) -D_LIBC -dM -mabi=$(2) $(1) | \
>                         sed -n 's@^\#define __NR$(3)_\([^ ]*\) .*@\1@p' | \
>                         sed -e '/^[ON]32_/d' -e '/^N64_/d' -e '/^64_/d' | \
>                         LC_ALL=C sort
> I dont see this anymore and I think it would have filtered out the -mips32
> in my CC command and allowed things to work.  Did this code get moved
> somewhere? Or was it removed because it wasn't thought to be needed?

This is now in a fully generic form in libc, 
sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/Makefile, with each architecture providing only 
variables not makefile rules for building this file.

There is nothing EGLIBC-specific here so I advise raising things on 
libc-ports.  Maybe syscall-list-n32-options and syscall-list-n64-options 
need to include appropriate -march= options to ensure the -mabi= options 
are accepted by overriding any previous options in $(CC)?  Or maybe -D and 
-U options should be used instead, as on x86_64?

Joseph S. Myers
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