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[Patches] MIPS eglibc build problem

I am trying to build the ToT eglibc om MIPS and am running into a problem.
I build it 8 different ways for various versions and when I compile it with
'gcc -mips32', it fails to build.  I believe the problem is in
ports/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/mips/Makefile and is related to the 
syscall-list-variants changes.  With these changes, the Makefile is trying
to run GCC with '-mips32 -mabi=n32' which is an illegal combination.  The
-mips32 comes from my setting of CC and the -mabi=n32 is coming from the
Makefile (I think).

In the older (2.14) eglibc Makefile, there is this code:

# A callable macro that expands to a shell command.  Preprocess file $(1)
# using ABI option $(2) and see which macros it defines.  Print FOO for each
# macro of the form __NR$(3)_FOO, filtering out ABI-specific __NR macros
# that have a prefix other than $(3).
mips_list_syscalls =    $(filter-out -m%,$(CC)) -E -x c $(+includes) \
                            $(sysincludes) -D_LIBC -dM -mabi=$(2) $(1) | \
                        sed -n 's@^\#define __NR$(3)_\([^ ]*\) .*@\1@p' | \
                        sed -e '/^[ON]32_/d' -e '/^N64_/d' -e '/^64_/d' | \
                        LC_ALL=C sort

I dont see this anymore and I think it would have filtered out the -mips32
in my CC command and allowed things to work.  Did this code get moved
somewhere? Or was it removed because it wasn't thought to be needed?

Steve Ellcey
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