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[patches] Redefine __i686


Attached patch is needed to fix a build failure when building eglibc
cross with x86_64 compiler with gcc -m32 switch and target is i686-*-*


2011-08-09  Khem Raj  <raj.khem@xxxxxxxxx>

        * sysdeps/generic/initfini.c: Re-define __i686.

Index: libc/sysdeps/generic/initfini.c
--- libc/sysdeps/generic/initfini.c	(revision 14871)
+++ libc/sysdeps/generic/initfini.c	(working copy)
@@ -53,6 +53,11 @@
 /* Embed an #include to pull in the alignment and .end directives. */
 asm ("\n#include \"defs.h\"");
+asm ("\n#if defined __i686 && defined __ASSEMBLER__");
+asm ("\n#undef __i686");
+asm ("\n#define __i686 __i686");
+asm ("\n#endif");
 /* The initial common code ends here. */
 asm ("\n/*@HEADER_ENDS*/");