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Re: [patches] [PATCH] Remove debug print outs from the run-time linker (RTLD_DEBUG option group)

Maxim Kuvyrkov wrote:
When using the cross prelinker (cross rtld) patches, I don't think this
will cause a problem. So it still looks beneficial to me. But I do
believe it needs to be clearly listed (where ever appropriate) that this
will likely break both prelinking on the target and ldd.

I agree; how does the following look to you:

This option group enables debug output of the runtime linker
which is activated via LD_DEBUG and LD_TRACE_PRELINKING
environment variables.  Disabling this option group yields
a smaller runtime linker binary.
BEWARE: Disabling this option group is likely to break
the `ldd' utility and prelinking support.  In particular,

How about:

the `ldd' utility which may also be used by the prelinker.  In particular,

the `--unused' ldd option will not work correctly.

My understanding is that prelinked binaries will still function correctly. However, you will be unable to run the prelinker itself due to the lack of the debug functionality (similar to ldd).


Thank you,