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Re: [patches] libdfp

Ryan Arnold wrote:

> I've compressed (simplified) the directory hierarchy significantly so
> that would require some porting back into the EGLIBC tree. There's no
> reason it couldn't have a separate set of configure scripts and
> Makefiles.

This all seems like a bit of a mess, not technically, but otherwise.
We're doing weird things in order to satisfy weird constraints.  But,
the bottom line is that if you want to check the DFP library in as a
stand-alone directory in the EGLIBC repository, that's fine.

The repository structure wasn't really set up for that; the top level
has subdirectories "fsf", "branches", and "trunk", rather than having
"eglibc" itself at the top-level.  So, I suggest you create
"libdfp/branches" and "libdfp/trunk", and check your bits in as


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713