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Re: [patches] libdfp

Ryan Arnold wrote:

> We want to get libdfp into existing distros that use an older GLIBC or
> EGLIBC and don't want to upgrade yet.
> Additionally, Some GLIBC based distros are opposed to the addition of
> add-ons that didn't originate in official GLIBC tree.
> We feel that, as an extension to the C library, Libdfp belongs near
> GLIBC/EGLIBC but as a matter of gaining adoption it needs to exist as a
> standalone library until ratification of the Draft DFP ISO C Technical
> Report.

Joseph, do you have any thoughts on this?

Ryan, is this an either/or?  Is it possible to organize it as an add-on
to EGLIBC, but still make it possible to build the same code separately
for people who feel that's necessary?


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713