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Re: [patches] OPTION_EGLIBC_INET work-in-progress

Jim Blandy <jimb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Do you have a list of API's that are eliminated by this?  I know the
>> patch mentioned a couple like gethostbyname and getifaddrs.
> No, but I'll be able to produce one shortly.

Here is revised documentation for the option group, that lists the
affected functions and librarise.  (Not quite "shortly" --- sorry
about that.)

   bool "Networking support"
       This option group includes networking-specific functions and
       data.  With OPTION_EGLIBC_INET disabled, the EGLIBC
       installation and API changes as follows:

       - The following libraries are not installed:

       - The following functions and variables are omitted from libc:

         authdes_create           hstrerror              svc_fdset
         authdes_getucred         htonl                  svc_getreq
         authdes_pk_create        htons                  svc_getreq_common
         authnone_create          if_freenameindex       svc_getreq_poll
         authunix_create          if_indextoname         svc_getreqset
         authunix_create_default  if_nameindex           svc_max_pollfd
         bindresvport             if_nametoindex         svc_pollfd
         callrpc                  in6addr_any            svcraw_create
         cbc_crypt                in6addr_loopback       svc_register
         clnt_broadcast           inet6_opt_append       svc_run
         clnt_create              inet6_opt_find         svc_sendreply
         clnt_pcreateerror        inet6_opt_finish       svctcp_create
         clnt_perrno              inet6_opt_get_val      svcudp_bufcreate
         clnt_perror              inet6_opt_init         svcudp_create
         clntraw_create           inet6_option_alloc     svcudp_enablecache
         clnt_spcreateerror       inet6_option_append    svcunix_create
         clnt_sperrno             inet6_option_find      svcunixfd_create
         clnt_sperror             inet6_option_init      svc_unregister
         clnttcp_create           inet6_option_next      user2netname
         clntudp_bufcreate        inet6_option_space     xdecrypt
         clntudp_create           inet6_opt_next         xdr_accepted_reply
         clntunix_create          inet6_opt_set_val      xdr_array
         des_setparity            inet6_rth_add          xdr_authdes_cred
         ecb_crypt                inet6_rth_getaddr      xdr_authdes_verf
         endaliasent              inet6_rth_init         xdr_authunix_parms
         endhostent               inet6_rth_reverse      xdr_bool
         endnetent                inet6_rth_segments     xdr_bytes
         endnetgrent              inet6_rth_space        xdr_callhdr
         endprotoent              inet_addr              xdr_callmsg
         endrpcent                inet_aton              xdr_char
         endservent               inet_lnaof             xdr_cryptkeyarg
         ether_aton               inet_makeaddr          xdr_cryptkeyarg2
         ether_aton_r             inet_netof             xdr_cryptkeyres
         ether_hostton            inet_network           xdr_des_block
         ether_line               inet_nsap_addr         xdr_double
         ether_ntoa               inet_nsap_ntoa         xdr_enum
         ether_ntoa_r             inet_ntoa              xdr_float
         ether_ntohost            inet_ntop              xdr_free
         freeaddrinfo             inet_pton              xdr_getcredres
         freeifaddrs              innetgr                xdr_hyper
         gai_strerror             iruserok               xdr_int
         getaddrinfo              iruserok_af            xdr_int16_t
         getaliasbyname           key_decryptsession     xdr_int32_t
         getaliasbyname_r         key_decryptsession_pk  xdr_int64_t
         getaliasent              key_encryptsession     xdr_int8_t
         getaliasent_r            key_encryptsession_pk  xdr_keybuf
         gethostbyaddr            key_gendes             xdr_key_netstarg
         gethostbyaddr_r          key_get_conv           xdr_key_netstres
         gethostbyname            key_secretkey_is_set   xdr_keystatus
         gethostbyname2           key_setnet             xdr_long
         gethostbyname2_r         key_setsecret          xdr_longlong_t
         gethostbyname_r          netname2host           xdrmem_create
         gethostent               netname2user           xdr_netnamestr
         gethostent_r             ntohl                  xdr_netobj
         getifaddrs               ntohs                  xdr_opaque
         getipv4sourcefilter      passwd2des             xdr_opaque_auth
         get_myaddress            pmap_getmaps           xdr_pmap
         getnameinfo              pmap_getport           xdr_pmaplist
         getnetbyaddr             pmap_rmtcall           xdr_pointer
         getnetbyaddr_r           pmap_set               xdr_quad_t
         getnetbyname             pmap_unset             xdrrec_create
         getnetbyname_r           rcmd                   xdrrec_endofrecord
         getnetent                rcmd_af                xdrrec_eof
         getnetent_r              registerrpc            xdrrec_skiprecord
         getnetgrent              res_init               xdr_reference
         getnetgrent_r            rexec                  xdr_rejected_reply
         getnetname               rexec_af               xdr_replymsg
         getprotobyname           rexecoptions           xdr_rmtcall_args
         getprotobyname_r         rpc_createerr          xdr_rmtcallres
         getprotobynumber         rresvport              xdr_short
         getprotobynumber_r       rresvport_af           xdr_sizeof
         getprotoent              rtime                  xdrstdio_create
         getprotoent_r            ruserok                xdr_string
         getpublickey             ruserok_af             xdr_u_char
         getrpcbyname             ruserpass              xdr_u_hyper
         getrpcbyname_r           setaliasent            xdr_u_int
         getrpcbynumber           sethostent             xdr_uint16_t
         getrpcbynumber_r         setipv4sourcefilter    xdr_uint32_t
         getrpcent                setnetent              xdr_uint64_t
         getrpcent_r              setnetgrent            xdr_uint8_t
         getrpcport               setprotoent            xdr_u_long
         getsecretkey             setrpcent              xdr_u_longlong_t
         getservbyname            setservent             xdr_union
         getservbyname_r          setsourcefilter        xdr_unixcred
         getservbyport            svcauthdes_stats       xdr_u_quad_t
         getservbyport_r          svcerr_auth            xdr_u_short
         getservent               svcerr_decode          xdr_vector
         getservent_r             svcerr_noproc          xdr_void
         getsourcefilter          svcerr_noprog          xdr_wrapstring
         h_errlist                svcerr_progvers        xencrypt
         h_errno                  svcerr_systemerr       xprt_register
         herror                   svcerr_weakauth        xprt_unregister
         h_nerr                   svc_exit
         host2netname             svcfd_create

       - The rpcgen, nscd, and rpcinfo commands are not installed.

       - The 'rpc' file (a text file listing RPC services) is not installed.

       Socket-related system calls do not fall in this option group,
       because many are also used for other inter-process
       communication mechanisms.  For example, the 'syslog' routines
       use Unix-domain sockets to communicate with the syslog daemon;
       syslog is valuable in non-networked contexts.