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Re: [patches] OPTION_EGLIBC_INET work-in-progress

Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Do you have a list of API's that are eliminated by this?  I know the
> patch mentioned a couple like gethostbyname and getifaddrs.

No, but I'll be able to produce one shortly.

> Also this does not remove the use of nss, just disables the network
> chunks of nss correct?

Yes, that's the intent.  If you have your own nss modules, they should
still get loaded and used in the normal way.  I've straightened out
the compilation problems, and I'll be posting a new patch shortly; if
you'd be able to try it out (from an 'alpha' point of view, of
course), I'd love to hear about problems.