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Re: [Patches] Status of remaining glibc/EGLIBC differences 2013-11-06

On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 6:05 PM, Joseph S. Myers <joseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here is the latest version of my list of differences between glibc and
> EGLIBC, classified according to my expectations for what will happen
> to them (whether, and to what extent, they will end up in glibc).  We
> are on track for EGLIBC 2.19 being the last EGLIBC release branch, as
> previously discussed, with no merges from FSF glibc to EGLIBC trunk
> happening after the 2.19 release (merges to EGLIBC release branches
> are expected to continue for as long as the corresponding glibc
> release branches are active, after which the EGLIBC repository, issue
> tracker and website may be made read-only).
> I believe other people are working on, or plan to work on, merging the
> following changes to glibc.
> 1. Avoid __block identifier in installed headers (glibc bug 11157; I
>    think __glibc_reserved_block would meet the agreed convention now).
>    Meador Inge intends to work on this.

Thanks for posting this excellent summary.

I look forward to seeing Meador's patches.

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