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Re: [Patches] EGLIBC_NSCD option group?

On Thu, 19 Sep 2013, Gregory Fong wrote:

> Hello all,
> Some time ago, Denis Zaitceff submitted a patch implementing a new
> EGLIBC_NSCD option group, see original thread at [1].  There was some
> follow up discussion but ultimately it was never merged.  I would find
> this option group useful, so unless anyone has better plans or
> objections, I'll update the patch for current trunk.  Any suggestions
> or advice would be welcome!

Since glibc now has --disable-build-nscd and --disable-nscd configure 
options, I don't think such an option group is of use any more.  And since 
the separate EGLIBC source tree is being phased out and will cease to be 
maintained after 2.19 branches in a few months' time (and, with it, the 
option groups feature will die unless someone merges it to glibc), I don't 
think adding new option groups is useful in general.

Joseph S. Myers
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