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Re: [Patches] Any remaining uses of option groups?

On Wed, 19 Jun 2013, Ondrej Bilka wrote:

> When you want to reduce memory footprint one argument is that you should
> use generic solution. 
> You could use tool that traverses system and looks for unused symbols in
> all libraries and strips them. 

EGLIBC already has local changes to install the intermediate files needed 
for relinking (in a form suitable for use by Debian mklibs, at least).  
Although I also doubt that's useful any more (the original motivation for 
tools like mklibs was boot floppies for GNU/Linux system installation), 
those changes are far less of a problem for merges than the option groups 
changes, and so less important to merge to glibc or revert (although the 
assumption is still that all changes should be merged to glibc or 
reverted, and that if you care about some of the changes in EGLIBC then 
you should help picking them up to merge into glibc).

Joseph S. Myers
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