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Re: [Patches] Latest eglibc failing to build on Cygwin

On Thu, 12 Jul 2012, Ian Linsdell wrote:

> The latest version of eglibc is still failing to build on cygwin host, I 
> found the below patch for 2_9 which someone already submitted which also 
> work fine on the latest eglibc.
> I am being bombarded with people asking why eglibc is failing to build 
> on cygwin since there is a lot of people who want to cross compile gcc 
> on Cygwin for the 'Raspberry pi' board. Could someone please incorporate 
> these changes into the next version of eglibc.

My previous comments 
<http://www.eglibc.org/archives/patches/msg01117.html> still apply: 
feature tests rather than OS conditionals are the appropriate GNU 

Since (as of some time before 2.16) timezone files are no longer installed 
by EGLIBC, cross-zic should probably only be built at all if running the 
testsuite, not as part of building and installing glibc; if it is, that's 
what we should fix.  And again as of some time before 2.16, cross-rpcgen 
should no longer depend on any i18n functionality at all.  Since 
cross-rpcgen is now in FSF glibc and I don't think there are any relevant 
EGLIBC-local changes to it any more, it would be best for any further 
changes to it to go direct to libc-alpha.  (This applies to almost any 
patch that doesn't depend on other changes in EGLIBC.)

Joseph S. Myers
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