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Re: [Patches] git for eglibc?

On Mon, 16 Apr 2012, Steve Ellcey  wrote:

> I have just started looking at eglibc and I was wondering if there
> was a git repository for it?  I see the subversion repository and I
> found some old email that talked about moving eglibc to git once libc
> had moved (apparently it has) but I don't see any indication that
> eglibc has moved to git or that there is a git mirror of the subversion
> tree.  Is there a git mirror anywhere?

I am gradually working on merging EGLIBC changes to glibc (generally 
reworking them in the process).  If at the end of the process there are 
still changes in EGLIBC that it has been concluded are inappropriate for 
glibc (but are still desired for EGLIBC) then I think it will be 
appropriate to set up rebased git trees for EGLIBC, based on glibc git 
with only the remaining patches applied as logical commits for each 
logical change still present in EGLIBC relative to glibc.  I hope however 
the result may be that a separate EGLIBC source tree is no longer needed 
and the repository is only needed for past release branches, in which case 
I don't think it will be worth setting up a git repository for EGLIBC.

Unless your change depends on something that is only in EGLIBC, not glibc, 
I advise contributing to glibc in the first instance; I continue to make 
routine merges from glibc to EGLIBC.

Joseph S. Myers
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