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Re: [Patches] install eglibc on mips

On Mon, 2 Apr 2012, Christer Solskogen wrote:

> > Build EGLIBC by yourself is a difficult task.  For the brave there are 
> > instructions in 
> > http://www.eglibc.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/trunk/libc/EGLIBC.cross-building?revision=2037&view=markup
> They are a little outdated, I'm afraid. Especially the gcc-part.

Steve, what happened with your patch series improving option group 
configure support and updating the cross-build instructions?  As far as I 
can see it was just waiting for properly formatted GNU-style ChangeLog 
entries <http://www.eglibc.org/archives/patches/msg01049.html>.

Joseph S. Myers
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