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On Thu, 8 Dec 2011, Christer Solskogen wrote:

> I tried following the EGLIBC.cross-building (also with Steve
> Longerbeam patch from November) but I cant get the first GCC to build.
> It fails with configure: error: Link tests are not allowed after

That's not sufficient information.  You need to identify what directory 
was being configured that gave that message.

In this case it's probably a directory that should have been disabled.  
If this fails when building the third compiler, it may be a directory that 
really should be enabled - in which case you need to look back in that 
directory's config.log to find which link test failed to cause configure 
to find that executables couldn't be linked.

The real problem is rarely that error you quoted.  It's normally either a 
directory being configured that shouldn't have been, or an earlier link 
test failing that should have passed; it's rare for the problem to be with 
the actual link test giving that error (i.e. for the logic in configure to 
be running that test in a case when it should have known to disable it).

> Are you sure that you don't mean "make all-gcc" instead?

No.  The minimal, static-only libgcc should be built at this stage, but 
other target libraries should not (and his patch updates the list of 
configure options involved in disabling all the other target libraries).

Joseph S. Myers
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