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[patches] Re: [PATCH] make eglibc 2.13 work on powerpcspe (e500 etc.)

>>>>> "Sebastian" == Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <bigeasy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> David Kuehling wrote:
>> The result of 'make check' lists a few errors that are not
>> anticipated by Debian
>> (debian/testsuite-checking/expected-results-powerpc-linux-gnu-libc):
>> bug-nextafter.out, Error 18 bug-nexttoward.out, Error 18
>> test-double.out, Error 1 test-fenv.out, Error 1 test-float.out, Error
>> 1 test-idouble.out, Error 1 test-ifloat.out, Error 1
> I assume that the rounding direction is not implemented correctly
> either kernel or libc. This has been broken since I know about it.

>> test-misc.out, Error 1
> not sure what is about. Possible that I forgot about it.

Test-misc.out only lists one failure "long double overflow test failed:
0".  Hardly a problem I guess.

>> tst-setcontext-fpscr.o, Error 1
>> I haven't signed a copyright assignment for eglibc yet, but won't
>> hesitate to do so if required (though I somehow doubt that my
>> two-line patch local-no-fma.patch qualifies for copyright
>> protection).

> This should be small enough to get accepted. Afaik German people can
> not sign this as they can not transfer the copyright (German law
> restriction).

I already assigned copyright for another project, and FSF accepted that.
AFAIR under german law it is interpreted as licensing all my rights to
FSF (although legally still being the author of the works).  Under
german law I can't even put stuff in the public domain, although again
if I wrote that I did so, it'll be interpreted as giving an unrestricted
license to anybody (Konkludentes Handeln, maybe "implied-in-fact

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