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Re: [patches] Fwd: libc-nonshared dependency

On Wed, 11 May 2011, Nathan Sidwell wrote:

> This patch has been rejected by glibc.  ok for eglibc?

OK (of course use ChangeLog.eglibc not ChangeLog for the log entry since 
this is going in EGLIBC).

libmemusage is one of that bits that would move out of the main glibc 
source directory if I determined how glibc was structured - there's no 
need for it to be part of the main C library build / system bootstrap 
(this would also help with the residual memusagestat wart - you don't get 
that binary when cross-compiling or as part of a system bootstrap because 
it depends on libgd, and building libgd requires having built shared libc 
first).  And having moved out it would of course be built the same way as 
non-glibc shared objects - with a normal compiler invocation such that 
libc_nonshared is implicitly used.  So I think that linking with 
libc_nonshared for all targets is indeed the right thing, although 
formally a fix in sysdeps/arm/Makefile such as Ulrich suggests would be 

Joseph S. Myers