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Re: [patches] Patch for glibc bug #11157 "__block is a reserved word with clang -fblocks"

I have committed this patch, since the headers installed by EGLIBC are 
meant to be portable to a wide range of compilers (unlike the sources used 
when EGLIBC is built, which are only expected to work with GCC) and so 
should ensure that anything nonstandard causing problems in practice is 
appropriate conditioned.  I concur with the point in that glibc bug that 
in practice compilers need fixincludes-equivalents to work with headers 
originally written for other compilers (to work with existing libc 
installations, if nothing else), but I also think libraries should 
generally use their own namespaces such as __libc_ for __* identifiers in 
their own headers, to reduce the risk of conflicts.

Joseph S. Myers