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Re: [patches] Fix *asprintf() to be compatible with *BSD and sanity

Joseph S. Myers wrote:

>>  Here is a, hopefully self explanatory, patch to fix *asprintf() to be
>> compatible with *BSD and what any sane C programmers expects. Drepper
>> NAKd it years ago...

> So I'd suggest raising the issue with WG14, and unless they come up with 
> good reasons the BSD semantics are problematic then I'm inclined to put 
> this in EGLIBC as being a compatibility bug fix.

The WG14 process is not fast.  It might take months to get any kind of

To me, this change looks like pretty harmless -- it will add a few bytes
to the library, but no instructions on the critical path (assuming that
error returns are rare), and could help to avoid Heisenbugs.  There's no
API/ABI impact, so it seems like this is just a QoI issue.

What's the harm in putting it in EGLIBC without WG14 sign-off?

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713