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[patches] Fix GNU/Hurd build

eglibc specific code wrongly assumes that versioned libraries (i.e.
libraries with a version in the soname) are using symbol versioning.
This breaks the GNU/Hurd build, as libhurduser and libmachuser are
not using symbol versioning and thus do not have a corresponding .map

The patch below fixes the problem.

2009-05-03  Aurelien Jarno  <aurelien@xxxxxxxxxxx>

	* Makerules (install-map): Don't install libhurduser.map and

--- Makerules.orig
+++ Makerules
@@ -911,10 +911,12 @@
 # libpthread_pic.a breaks mklibs, so don't install it and its map.
 install-lib := $(install-lib) $(install-lib.so-versioned:%.so=%_pic.a)
 install-lib := $(filter-out libpthread_pic.a,$(install-lib))
+# Despite having a soname libhurduser and libmachuser do not use symbol
+# versioning, so don't install the corresponding .map files.
 ifeq ($(versioning),yes)
 install-map := $(patsubst %.so,%.map,\
 			$(foreach L,$(install-lib.so-versioned),$(notdir $L)))
-install-map := $(filter-out libpthread.map,$(install-map))
+install-map := $(filter-out libhurduser.map libmachuser.map libpthread.map,$(install-map))
 ifndef subdir
 install-map := $(install-map) libc.map

Aurelien Jarno	                        GPG: 1024D/F1BCDB73
aurelien@xxxxxxxxxxx                 http://www.aurel32.net