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Re: [patches] Proposal for submission of dfp add-on to EGLIBC

Ryan S. Arnold wrote:

> IBM is interested in submitting the Decimal Floating Point C-library
> add-on (Libdfp) to EGLIBC.

Thank you very much for this submission.  I'm sorry it's take some time
to get back to you; this is the first major submission of this kind, so
we wanted to discuss it with the EGLIBC members.  So, you suffered from
being the first. :-)

Everyone's agreed that this is a valuable contribution.  Of course,
technical review is required.  The key technical constraint, since this
is *E*GLIBC is that it be possible to configure this functionality out
of the library, so that it has zero footprint impact on users who don't
need DFP.  That may well already be the case with your submission; I've
not tried to determine that.  From a legal point of view, we do need to
get this work assigned to the FSF before including it, since a guiding
principle for EGLIBC is that, if at any point, FSF GLIBC wants to
incorporate parts of EGLIBC, they can readily do so.

So, I would suggest that, in parallel, you work with IBM legal to do
that, and also with the EGLIBC maintainers to resolve any technical
issues in your submission.

Thanks again for this contribution!

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713