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Re: [patches] Cross testing

Jim Blandy wrote:
Khem Raj <kraj@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Cross testing worked for me almost out of the box when I used
localhost as my target.
Only problem I found was that the scripts/cross-test-ssh.sh does not
have +x attribute
So either we can change the attribute of the file in repository or
make the above change.

I've made the script executable.  Thanks for catching this.

While running it on a really remote target I needed to do couple of things

Actually testing expects to have same user on both machines. So either
use NIS and passwordless ssh entry into target

or create an user with same name and then copy your .ssh/id_dsa.pub to
target user home as .ssh/authorized_keys

I've added notes to this effect to EGLIBC.cross-testing and to
cross-test-ssh.sh's help message.  In general, I think we simply want
to say that one needs ordinary ssh working smoothly and quietly before
trying the wrapper, and then one needs to use the wrapper in the same

But in the end it all worked.

I have created a script based on Jim's instructions to build eglibc
toolchain. I have put it on


:) I wrote a similar script in order to develop the instructions.
However, I think providing a script which can be used in all the
different circumstances and arrangements people might encounter in
cross-development seems like a large and complicated task --- the
variations being the source of the complexity, not the essential job
to be done.  So (without more budget :) ) I don't think we should try
to offer a build script as part of EGLIBC itself.
yes agreed. thats why I posted it elsewhere.
 Providing clear
instructions for a simple arrangement, which people can adapt to their
purposes, seems a better strategy.
again agreed.
Thanks very much for trying these --- I'm glad to hear they worked for
you, once the details were ironed out!  If you run into any other
difficulties, please post.