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[patches] 'make install-headers' used the old way does too much work

It looks like my changes to 'make install-headers' broke old bootstrap
procedures when applied to new source trees.

The problem is in the gnu/stubs.h handling.  Modern GLIBC generates
gnu/stubs.h by actually scanning all the object files for sections
named '.gnu.glibc-stub' (search for gawk in the error shown to see it
in action).  This means that gnu/stubs.h depends on having the entire
library built.

My patch made install-headers unconditionally depend on gnu/stubs.h,
and then changed the way gnu/stubs.h is created, depending on
install-bootstrap-headers.  This makes install-headers (try to)
rebuild the whole library when install-bootstrap-headers isn't set,
whereas previously it would just skip gnu/stubs.h altogether.

The following patch restores the original behavior of install-headers
when install-bootstrap-headers is not set.

2007-02-20  Jim Blandy  <jimb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* Makefile (install-headers): Preserve old behavior: depend on
	$(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h only if install-bootstrap-headers
	is set; otherwise, place gnu/stubs.h on the 'install-others' list.

Index: Makefile
--- Makefile	(revision 1523)
+++ Makefile	(working copy)
@@ -78,9 +78,18 @@
 vpath %.h $(subdir-dirs)
 # What to install.
-install-headers: $(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h
 install-bin-script =
+# If we're bootstrapping, install a dummy gnu/stubs.h along with the
+# other headers, so 'make install-headers' produces a useable include
+# tree.  Otherwise, install gnu/stubs.h later, after the rest of the
+# build is done.
+ifeq ($(install-bootstrap-headers),yes)
+install-headers: $(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h
+install-others = $(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h
 ifeq (yes,$(build-shared))
 headers += gnu/lib-names.h