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[patches] Including "whitepapers" in the EGLIBC tree

Mark's post suggested something I hadn't really thought about:

We now have three little documents describing EGLIBC's distinguishing
features: the option groups document, the cross-testing document, and
now the cross-building document.  These are certainly of interest to
someone who has downloaded EGLIBC, so they belong somewhere in the
source tree.

My first impulse is that they should not be integrated into the libc
Texinfo manual, because their audience is different.  Sticking them as
unrelated files in 'manual' seems unhelpful.

So I was thinking of just putting them in the top directory, and
calling them EGLIBC.option-groups, EGLIBC.cross-testing, and
EGLIBC.cross-building.  The INSTALL and README files should then refer
to these files.

Any objections or grand unified alternative visions?