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Re: [patches] Cross-building instructions

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Jim Blandy wrote:

> binutils 2.17 and GDB 4.1, which were current as we wrote this.

GCC not GDB.

>     > $src/libc/configure \
>     >     --prefix=$phase2/$target \

Never configure glibc with a prefix other than /usr.  Configure with 
--prefix=/usr and use install_root to install in a sysroot; configure the 
compiler with that same sysroot.

In various places glibc's configuration checks for whether the prefix is 
/usr and does special handling only if that is the case.  Unless you use 
--prefix=/usr you will get an installation that does not use the standard 
Linux directory layouts and cannot be used as a basis for the root 
filesystem on your target system compatibly with normal glibc 

Joseph S. Myers