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[patches] E500 port


I saw your post about e500 support in eglibc and that's great. I was planning on looking into getting Aldy's glibc-2.3 patch building against glibc-2.5 but it sounds like you've pretty much got that working.

I'm trying to get a crosstool based environment with gcc-4.1.x and glibc-2.5 working for e500 (both versions). It sounds like there are a number of fun hoops to jump through for this: 1. get a gcc-4.1.x snapshot as there are some number of ppc related bugs in gcc-4.1.1
2. need patches for long double ?? is this just an eglibc requirement?
3. some additional patches for gcc-4.1.x for e500?

Any help in getting this going would be appreciated. I'd be happy to look into implementing the kernel side trap handling and fixup if I can get an environment working to show the issues. [Wasn't sure if you aware there isn't any code today that does this]


- kumar