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Re: [patches] PowerPC soft-float patches applied

Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> I've applied the PowerPC soft-float patches from Steven Munroe and Joe 
> Kerian in glibc bug 2749 (ppc-ld-nofpu-20060920.txt, 
> ports-ld-nofpu-20060830.txt, ports-ld-delta-20060920.txt) to EGLIBC trunk 
> and EGLIBC 2.5 branch.  (If the FSF glibc maintainers ever review these 
> and we end up with a different version checked in to FSF glibc, we can 
> resync with that version then.)

For the EGLIBC web site, is:

"EGLIBC now supports software floating-point on the PowerPC architecture."

an appropriate description?


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713