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Error when compiling with OPTION_EGLIBC_LOCALE_CODE disabled

I was seeing errors about redefined type building xlocale.c with
OPTION_EGLIBC_LOCALE_CODE disabled.  I believe this is due to a typo in
the last definition of DEFINE_CATEGORY, as in the attached patch.  It
does build with this patch applied.

Does this seem right?
diff -urpN eglibc-2_12.orig/locale/xlocale.c eglibc-2_12/locale/xlocale.c
--- eglibc-2_12.orig/locale/xlocale.c	2010-01-26 04:27:38.000000000 -0700
+++ eglibc-2_12/locale/xlocale.c	2010-09-26 11:01:13.659156508 -0600
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ const struct __locale_struct _nl_C_locob
    pointers here.  */
 #if defined (NL_CURRENT_INDIRECT)
 #define DEFINE_CATEGORY(category, category_name, items, a)      \
-  __thread struct locale_data * const *_nl_current_##category   \
+  __thread struct __locale_data * const *_nl_current_##category   \
   attribute_hidden = &_nl_C_locobj.__locales[category];
 #include "categories.def"