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Re: [issues] Re: Help , test iconvdata/tst-iconv7 failed on mips simulator

On Mon, 14 Sep 2009, Amker.Cheng wrote:

> 1, I don't know why there are so many math tests failed, does it matter?

These will fail unless the floating-point types have exceptions and 
rounding modes support, which soft-float does not.

> 2, I don't know why there are errors complain can not found the
> listing timezone data files in build directory.

This indicates you have done something wrong when building or testing 
EGLIBC or that there is something wrong with your environment, and you 
will have to debug it yourself.

> 3, as "stdio-common/test-vfprintf.out", There maybe a minor bug in
> vfprintf.c leading to overflow error.

This test requires at least 300MB of memory and does not check properly 
for out-of-memory conditions.

> 4, "elf/tst-audit1.out" and "elf/tst-audit2.out" are very suspicious.

They are not in the least suspicious.  It's simply that MIPS ELF has 
various differences from other platforms, and my workaround

2006-08-23  Joseph Myers  <joseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

        * elf/dl-reloc.c (_dl_relocate_object): Do not try to allocate
        array using DT_PLTRELSZ if ELF_MACHINE_NO_PLT.

is no longer effective after the non-PIC ABI changes.

Joseph S. Myers