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Re: [issues] getpid: to cache or not to cache

On Mon, 20 Jul 2009, Renzo Davoli wrote:

> Unfortunately in some cases this is not true. Sometimes people want to
> block (freeze) processes, save their memory state and restart them
> later. In this way new pids get assigned (cached getpid values became 
> inconsistent).

Is this support present in kernel.org kernels?  I know there have been 
discussions of such features but haven't followed the details.

Whether it is in kernel.org or not, I recommend using the linux-api 
mailing list to discuss issues with the kernel/userspace interface.  If 
kernel patches are currently being proposed that would introduce this 
possibility of changing pids, the issue should be raised in the discussion 
of those patches of how userspace should handle the change, and any 
conclusion should be reached on those lists.  If the conclusion is this 
function you suggest, could you give a pointer to the discussion on 
linux-api?  I imagine other userspace functions may also be needed for 
other issues with such checkpoint/restart and linux-api has the right 
experts for designing the relevant interfaces.

Joseph S. Myers